Joe M. a 78 years old diabetic for over 15 years.  Had been controlled on oral medication but when we met, Joe said that his doctor told him that he would soon need to go on insulin.  Joe tried everything to lose weight and bring down his blood sugars – nothing worked.  He told me that he had one of the “best” doctors in town.  Working with his doctor, Joe claimed the lowest blood sugar he had been able to achieve was 160 mg/dl or 170 mg/dl.

After 4 weeks on our program, Joe had an appointment to see his doctor.  Joe’s doctor expressed great surprise and was according to Joe, “delighted” at how his fasting blood glucose had come down.  He asked Joe if he could send other patients to Mary.

Three months prior Joe’s Hemoglobin A1c was at 9%.  His reading after only 4 weeks on our program was 8.2%.

After beginning our program, Joe’s fasting blood glucose readings were 94 mg/dl, 110 mg/dl, 103 mg/dl, 111 mg/dl.

Joe said he could feel his energy returning and he was losing weight as well.


Donna R. was in her middle 50’s when she asked us for help.

A type 2 diabetic for 11 years, her disease had progressed from controlling it with oral medication to needing insulin injections.  She was caught up in the vicious circle that ensnarls many type 2 diabetics — because her blood sugar readings were skyrocketing, her doctor needed to increase her insulin which increase her weight which increase her blood sugars etc. She was out of control and desperate for an answer.

When Donna began our program she was taking 85 units of insulin a day.  Three and a half months into our program, Donna lost 20 pounds.  With her doctor’s blessings, she steadily decreased her insulin levels to 28 units of insulin a day.


Joyce’s struggle with type 2 diabetes has been overwhelming for her. In her 60′s, Joyce had all but given up of ever having any energy for life again. she wanted to play with her grandchildren and have enough energy yo have dinner with her children. Fatigue plagued her life.

She was so discouraged she stopped taking her blood sugars and was totally unaware of what she was eating.

After 4 months on our program, Joyce’s insulin went from 102 units a day to 62 units.

Her level of awareness on how she can and does control her type 2 diabetes has been a wonderful break through for Joyce. She told us she can’t believe how much better she felt since starting our program.