Comments from seminar attendees:

“This class was outstanding.  It has helped me get on track with diabetes and more people with diabetes should take this class.”

“This class has been an answer to my prayers.”

“Wonderful class – would like more – would like to repeat it to see what I have missed.”

“Mary was never asked a question that she couldn’t answer.”

“Instructor (Mary) was excellent.”

“Was very pleased.  Learned a lot.”

“Best money I’ve spent.  It could have saved my life!”

“This class gave me hope  I am well on my way to a healthy, happy future.”

“Thank you, Mary & Dick.”

“Loved the instructor.  I learned more from her than a dietician from xxxxx Hospital.”

“Fantastic information.”

“The instructor was great and I could have attended many more sessions.  She was very inspiring.”

“I would highly recommend this class to others.”

“I now understand why I feel tired at times for seemingly no reason at all.”

“I’m watching my carbs more closely and now feel more motivated to exercise.”

“Thank you, thank you.  I so appreciate the hand you are extending to me and the community”.

“Mary is wonderful, a delight and an inspiration.  And Dick is essential in the support of the success of this class.  Demonstrating the teamwork a married couple can enjoy.”

“I loved the class and the instructor was great as was her husband.”

“I would recommend to others.  Very much.”

“Class was very informative.”

“Because diabetes is so very rapidly growing, we need more classes like this, with Mary lecturing.”

“The instructor is very informative with a very easy understandable manner.”

“The instructor gave me so valuable information that I will use for years.I hope you keep presenting this program.  Nobody else has done this before.  …Thank you for doing it.”

“I think you’ve done an excellant job of organizing and getting your points across. “

“Instructor Mary & Dick shows allot of care for everyone in the class.”

“I am very grateful for the sharing of information and knowledge and the HOPE that it has brought me.”

“This was the best lunch and learn seminar we have ever had.”