My husband, Dick knows about living with and managing type 2 diabetes.  He has been on the roller coaster that is type 2 diabetes for over 25 years.

Beginning with what seemed to be no ill affects at the onset of the disease to years later seeing the disease and it’s debilitating effects rapidly escalate leaving a trail of misery.  He found himself on 43 units of insulin a night, he gained 80 pounds, was suffering many of the debilitating effects of type 2 diabetes including painful neuropathy in both his feet, he was unable to walk over 75 feet at one time, he had profuse night sweats, high LDL and low HDL, terribly dry skin, irritability and moodiness and more.

He has successfully overcome this disease much to the amazement of his doctors.

After years of research, I developed a program for Dick that enabled him to lose those 80 pounds (and he has never put it back on), lower his Hemoglobin A1c (HA1c) from 11 to 6.8, lower his LDL, increase his HDL, significantly diminish the pain from neuropathy in both his feet — going from a pain level of plus 9 to a pain level of minus 1.  He totally eliminated insulin, eliminated diuretic medication that he was on for over 25 years, eliminated pain medication for the neuropathy.  Following our program enabled him to walk in 2 5K races and finish.  He walks two miles three times a week, and has totally eliminate low blood sugar swings that resulted in extremely uncomfortable night sweats.  Our program enabled Dick to be himself again.

We have worked with a number of type 2 diabetics.  Everyone has seen dramatic improvement in their health markers including a lowered HA1c, clearing of the foggy brain syndrome, and significantly lowering of neuropathy pain and with their doctors approval they have eliminated medications.  Their doctors are astonished at the incredible improvement.  All have been told to keep doing whatever it is they’re doing that have brought about these remarkable changes!

If you or one of your loved ones is suffering from type 2 diabetes, contact Mary today.